Plan for the future

Many of us don’t think to include purposeful planning of our personal development when thinking of the future. Wishful thinking and lending today’s problems to tomorrow can lead to painful cycles of procrastination and feelings of being stuck.

Sometimes taking steps to making conscious decisions and commitment to change is enhanced by assistance from an independent person. Our friends can be full of advice, and our family may be unable to be objective. We can guide you by giving you a planning process, and providing an objective standpoint.

Support can be provided from Brave HQ tutors, counsellors or psychologists – and selecting which is more appropriate depends on your goals. You may benefit from working with multiple members of our team at once, for example, if you were aiming to get into medicine you could complete a cognitive (IQ) assessment with a psychologist and work with our English and Science tutors for a period of time to decide to apply under the UMAT or GAMSAT pathways.


Our tutors have extensive experience and knowledge of the educational system and can provide mentoring around course choices and how ready you are for study or work. They may consult with our psychologists or counsellors to provide you with more comprehensive support. They can help you prepare by teaching you study, writing, and organisation skills, or providing subject specific education.


Counsellors can provide assistance with planning for lifestyle or career changes, such as losing weight or ceasing to smoke. Each of our counsellors have different levels of training and experience, so it is best to contact us with your specific needs. Coaching approaches will generally be used when there is a specific goal in mind. If your future plans include goals around behaviour change that are emotional or difficulty for you, they are likely to use counselling approaches such as motivational interviewing.


Psychologist have the most tools at their disposal to assist you to plan for the future. A psychologist is likely to spend more time focusing on the complex interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that sometimes hold us back from our plans. They can use psychologist restricted testing to evaluate your personality or to assess your cognitive strengths and weaknesses in relation to career choices. Child focused interventions are designed with the future in mind, and almost always include elements of parental support and training.

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