Manage a big change

Changes can be pretty difficult to accept and adjust to, regardless of whether they are expected or unexpected. When these changes cause large disruptions to everyday life, it can be challenging to handle on your own. Recognising when it is time to seek help and having the courage to do so is an important first step.
Support can be provided from Brave HQ tutors, counsellors or psychologists – and selecting which is more appropriate depends on your individual needs.


A tutor would be appropriate during transitions to secondary school, VCE, or higher education settings, when experiencing periods of school absence, or when contemplating study as a mature age student.


A counsellor provides general advice, emotional support, and coping tools for managing a change when the distress is mild. They provide a safe space to talk before, during, and after a change. This can be helpful during career and lifestyle changes, or when improved relationship functioning is desired.


When the change causes significant distress, or results in mental ill health, a psychologist is better suited. As a result of being a registered health practitioner and having advanced education, psychologists can provide comprehensive psychological assessments and interventions. They have knowledge of the type of actions available if your mental health declines significantly, and have responsibility to take action if this occurs.

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