Brave HQ’s tutors are fun, warm and engaging people that establish fantastic mentoring relationships with their students. This enables them to help their students function outside of their comfort zones in a safe space for personal growth and learning. Our tutors pride themselves on remaining at the cutting edge of knowledge and experience in their chosen fields so they can provide comprehensive instruction and link the everyday to the real world.

Brave HQ’s tutors undergo ongoing intensive professional development informed by quality peer reviewed research, and supervision with our psychologists so they can work with a range of student needs. They are also aware of learning barriers such as excessive anxiety, dyslexia, poor attentional control, persistent disorganisation, chronic procrastination, or speech delays that may benefit from additional support from our psychologists or discussion with the child’s parents or school.

We believe that our style of tuition is unique, and develops learning potential and wellbeing. We view improved grades as a welcome by-product of our focus on fostering understanding, calm, confidence, and curiosity.

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