Hero Training

A comprehensive assessment and intervention program for the development of social and coping skills for today’s child

It may seem that heroes only live in comic books, TV shows and movies, but we all have the ability to become a hero. Brave HQ’s Hero Training is one of the most important missions for Brave HQ. Each Hero in Training is put through many trials to learn the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage common social and emotional difficulties.

Over one school term, eight 2-hour training missions are held at a school which includes 30 minutes of school yard support during recess or lunch for the Heroes in training. The program has been developed drawing from the Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support model (SCERTS) and our prior school based experience. The program was piloted in 2015 with a primary school in the Casey/Cardinia area. We also offer this program during the school holidays at our Headquarters.

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