Curious Adventures

Dynamic, experimental, discovery based learning experiences for extremely curious individuals

Scientists. Wizards. What sets them apart? Both play with fire and energy, transform reality, spend their lives stealing secrets from the universe, study in towers, read books with strange symbols, control thunder and lightning, heal the sick, commune with the past and see the future.

Brave HQ’s Curious Adventures program is a dynamic range of experimental and discovery based learning experiences designed to boost curiosity in subjects that suffer from being labelled as “boring” by children. This includes subjects in the STEM fields, Literature, and History. Each adventurer is guided to safely and enthusiastically get a taste for the ‘real world’ applications of different subjects. The program content links to curriculum outcomes as specified by AusVels, the national curriculum initiative.

Curious Adventures are held at our headquarters in Edithvale during the school holidays, or can be arranged for your next school incursion. We use real laboratory equipment, and supply everything that is needed.

The program has been developed by specialist accredited tutor and Victorian MENSA Gifted Children’s Coordinator Jeremy Kindler, drawing on evidence based research and his thirteen years of experience in tutoring, laboratory research, industry and higher education.

Contact Jeremy to register your interest for the next event.

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