Brave HQ accepts referrals from GP’s, pediatricians, and self referrals. We do offer Medicare rebates and low cost options if experiencing financial hardship.

$180per hour

Intake interviews, feedback sessions and counselling sessions

General - Health Care Card Holders
$140per hour

Intake interviews, feedback sessions and counselling sessions.

Psychological Assessment
$210per hour

Report writing costs are additional and will vary depending on the report required. Please speak with staff for more information.

Offsite Visits
$220first hour

School visits will be charged at $220 for the first hour, thereafter the standard fee of $180 applies.

Phone calls to schools/ teachers will be added into the hourly cost.

100% of fees are charged for changes or cancellations made within two business days of your appointment.

Occasionally we have High Degree Interns (HDI) (provisionally registered psychologists) who are completing supervised practice. When available, we will notify clients as assessments and/ or counselling sessions may be offered at a reduced rate with an HDI. Their fee varies on the required work, but ranges from $80-120 per hour.